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Bathtub Liners

Classic Form Tub Skirt

Classic Form Skirt

Pia Form Tub Skirt

Pia Form Skirt

Straight Form Tub Skirt

Straight Form Skirt

Curved Tub Skirt

Curved Form Skirt

Winged Form Tub Skirt

Winged Form Skirt

Wave Form Tub Skirt

Wave Form Skirt
Bathtub Liner Benefits

Tub Liners save you from tearing out your tub and walls in the process. To remove a bathtub, the tile will have to be removed to about  above the tub. This creates a big mess and usually takes a lot of time.  Acrylic liners go right over your existing bathtub and we use our own proven method of installation as added assurance that your bath liner is water tight.

Acrylic tub liners can only be installed over a steel or cast iron bathtub. To do this, the manufacturer takes a sheet of acrylic, heats it to vacuum form a tub identical to yours. This produces a mold of your tub, giving you a precise fit and maximum bathing space. Another Great benefit of acrylic is it keeps your bathing water hot for a longer period of time…who likes a cold bath?!



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Tub Liner Benefits

Factory Lifetime Warranty

 Lasts a Lifetime with Proper Care

Easy to Clean

Non-porous / No Mold or Mildew

Keeps a New Look

No Demo – No Mess

Speedy Installation / Short Down Time




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