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Walk-in Shower With Bench Seat and Glass Enclosure

Bathroom Remodeling Project to Provide Safe Access to Bathtub

Installation Date: October 2019

All work complied with the Florida Building Code and was performed by a Florida State Licensed Contractor.
Spa Tub Before Remodeling

Before Bathroom Remodeling

This is the corner spa tub which we removed, to create easy access to a large, safe, moden shower enclosure.

Easy Access Shower Stall After Remodeling

After Bathroom Remodeling

We converted the corner space into a large walk-in shower with a bench seat and glass enclosure.

Walk In Shower Before Conversion To Closet

Walk In Shower Before Conversion To Closet

The existing small shower, which was located to the left of the spa tub was removed and the space was converted to a closet to provide more storage space within the bathroom.

Shower Doors & Rods

Walk-in Shower Conversion to a Walk-in Closet

Here you can see the results of the coversion from a small shower that was no longer needed into a closet that provides tons of extra storage.

More Pictures of This Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom Closet Floor
Bathroom Walk-in Closet Door

More Details on This Bathroom Remodeling Project

We removed approximately 6” of existing faux marble above the tub, along with the spa corner tub. Built a deck approximately 6” high from the original floor with a tread depth of approximately 7”. The step rise, tread, and new threshold face were tiled with floor tile.

The original drain was in a post-tension concrete deck and no modifications could be made to this type of deck. The custom deck was required to accommodate this situation. Additionally, the drain was moved to accommodate a center drain location. Floors were inspected for floor penetrations after exposing the framing, and where necessary, were sealed according to code.

The frame was removed in preparation for the window trim kit. A custom acrylic shower system was installed over the new shower area walls and a one-piece acrylic, slip-resistant floor installed on a waterproof core floor base.

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